eDoc Suite

eDoc Suite is a set of Microsoft Office add-ins for Word, Excel & PowerPoint that lets you use your data in MS Office with ease.

The Challenge

Every organization has business data available in a number of databases & systems. This data is normally available through reports and web dashboards, but it is difficult to access and use this data directly from within Microsoft Office Documents.

Users are forced to manually create excel tables and/or copy paste data manually into documents and presentations. Obviously, when the data changes, the documents are no longer correct.

Also, while Excel tables are useful for creating flat lists, they are not very effective when dealing with master/detail datasets and where formatting flexibility is needed.

The Solution

eDoc Toolbar is your solution for creating freely formatted documents combined with complex tables based on data from various data sources. You can source your data either directly from databases, from SharePoint or from web services: we call these data sources data lists.

You can use a combination of Excel tables, Excel Graphs and complex master/detail Word tables with flexible formatting. You can even create a master table from a data list from one database and a nested table, linked to the master, from a data list coming from a completely different database.

And that’s not all, the eDoc Toolbar takes care of the content sync as well. You can set your data update options to automatically update the data list content whenever you open the document or with one click of a button; the eDoc Toolbar does the rest.

Generate Your Documents in A Few Steps

Generating data connected documents has never been so easy.

You can create your own document for individual use (and share it with your colleagues or clients) or you can create a document template and use it for generating personalized documents just like Mail Merge.


Benefits of using eDoc Suite

• Time efficient in generating large documents
• Always gets latest data / information in documents
• Enables hassle- free document updates using configurable auto data sync
• Uses custom document templates, meaning documents are consistent in terms of data, formatting, and styling.

eDoc Suite Components and Options

The eDoc Suite is comprised of 3 Microsoft Office Add-ins and optional utilities.
You can license the full suite or the individual components depending on your needs. The suite is also available in 2 different editions (Standalone & Enterprise)


General Features
  • Integrates SharePoint list data dynamically
  • Supports SharePoint External Content Type Lists with parameters(1)
  • Integrates data from Web Services (ASMX, SVC, REST)
  • Integrates data from Relational databases(2)
  • Can be used with or without SharePoint
  • Dynamically updates documents’ content
  • Provides configurable update options for tabular data
  • Creates tables with dynamic contents with custom filters and join conditions
  • Query distinct records from data sets
  • Supports table data sorting
  • Generates nested tables with relational data from data lists
  • Enables you to include images and other documents
  • Contains 3 customizable buttons with pre-configured locations for inserting embedded documents and images
  • Supports formatting of custom text content as well as field data
  • Smart data caching ensures performance by allowing data to be loaded once and used several times
    (1) – Requires optional PowERPlay Web Service for SharePoint External Lists
    (2) – Requires optional PowERPlay Database Access Utility
MS Word Add-in Features
  • Enables the creation of reusable document templates
  • Enables batch-creation of documents from a template
  • Enables merging of custom text content with automated fields from data lists
  • Generates nested tables with relational data from data lists
  • Supports embedding documents which contain data list fields and tables into a master document and updates content dynamically
  • Supports insertion of Excel eDoc Tables and Excel eDoc Graphs (requires eDoc Excel Add-in)
  • Provides an option to automatically save PDF versions (location configurable) when saving the documentMS
MS Excel Add-in Features
  • Generates Tables
  • Generates Graphs
  • Supports Configurable heading and data row borders
  • Supports formulae in table as columns
  • Supports summary formulae at the bottom of the table
MS PowerPoint Add-in Features

The PowerPoint Add-in leverages the functionality of the eDoc Word and Excel Add-ins to help you create powerful presentations.

  • Insert Excel Tables and Graphs in PowerPoint with all the functionality of the eDoc Suite & Excel Add-in
  • Insert Word Tables in PowerPoint with all the functionality of the eDoc Suite & Word Add-in
  • Automatically updates the data in the embedded tables and graphs

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