Event Dashboard and Reports

Pulselinks allows you to create customized reports and dashboard according to your needs.

Custom Reports are classified in four groups

  • Global Reports: Available for all events and require that the event or document templates are standard and the same questions/attributes are used consistently across events.
  • Event Specific Reports: Applicable for a specific event only.
  • Personal Reports: Only available to the user who created the report and can be used for any event provided that the questions/attributes are consistent across events.
  • Event Specific Personal Report: Restricted to a particular event and the user who created the report.

Internal Reports

  • View as a table or graph
  • Overview of one or all events

Tabular View of all current Document Progress

  • Filterable table
  • Colour highlighting for status
  • Action buttons to view, edit etc.

Pulselinks can provide configurable dashboards to display statistics on any items.

You can drill down to list and access actions to get more information or amend the data.

Event Dashboard:

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