Online Elections

Safe, Easy, Secure, Confidential

Pulselinks provides capabilities to conduct association & club elections in a secure online manner, with a configurable process to allow compliance with the organization’s by-laws.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered immediate needs for organisations to manage their elections on-line, the inherent benefits of an online solution will mean that this approach will become prevalent in the long-run giving greater flexibility, speed and enable access for both voters and election administrators across geographically dispersed organisations . Allowing for a combination of remote on-line voting, on-premises physical voting using digital means and allowing international voters and persons who may be travelling or unable to cast their vote in-person provides a best of all worlds solution.


Enables proposers and seconders to submit candidates along with details and supporting statements. Automated sms & emails can be sent to all the individuals to confirm their acceptance to participate in the process.  The proposed list can be kept private and only viewable to a review committee, with publishing following the review process and approvals. A withdrawal process can be incorporated to allow for candidates to withdraw from specific positions prior to the finalisation of the candidates list.

Managing Voter Lists

The authorized list of participants can be linked to a membership database, and if required, a voter-registration process can be enabled.  Identity can be confirmed by authentication against the membership system, a password or a one time password and confirmation using SMS/Text using the member’s registered email address and/or phone number as the means of verification.

Voting Process

Voting takes place online/digitally either remotely from any location worldwide or at a designated voting station with suitable computer facilities.  The ballot can be anonymous or traceable, depending on requirements. However, the list of people that have voted is maintained and ongoing numbers tracked during the election period.  The ballots can be saved as individual PDF files and stored for archive and audit reasons.  The election results are available immediately at the termination of the election and can be published immediately or after an approval process.

Publishing Results during Voting

If desired, live result updates can be published on the election portal showing number of ballots submitted or number of votes cast for individual candidates.


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